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Supporting our veteran, first responder, and gold/white star families to find purpose, healing, and growth through community and sacred communion.

The thing that stuck with me from that first experience was that I did not want to die anymore...

Justin LaPree

Founder and President

Luminous Valor:
Guiding our Heroic families from darkness to light.

The Illuminating Heroes Sanctuary is committed to creating a world free from suicide by empowering, enlightening, and transforming the lives of veterans, first responders, and Gold/White Star Families.

Our organization cultivates a sense of unity and builds a strong community through mutual support, understanding, and shared experiences. We provide transformative experiences via sacred entheogenic ceremonies, backed by thorough preparation and integration support, to promote holistic healing and personal growth. We explore alternative healing modalities, expanding the range of therapeutic options beyond traditional methods.

Our mission guides us toward resilience, recovery, and renewal, shining a light on a future where individuals discover their inner strength during challenging times and embrace their heroic journey toward light.

Our 25-Week Program

A Comprehensive Program That Provides You The Tools For Purposeful Change

Embark on a 25-week transformative journey for veterans, first responders, and gold/white star families, encompassing preparation, immersive retreat, and integration for purposeful personal change.



Your supported journey commences eight weeks prior to the retreat, during which you will embark on a series of experiences tailored to your needs. These experiences include personalized one-on-one sessions with our esteemed Therapeutic lead, group preparation calls with an Integration Specialist to foster cohesion, guided activities to enhance your engagement, and access to a wealth of valuable resources.



Immersed within a supportive community, our retreat provides a transformative opportunity for personal development. We curate a profound experience by offering two ceremonies involving entheogenic sacraments, invigorating breathwork sessions, expertly guided meditations, comprehensive integration support, and a range of other therapeutic techniques. Our aim is to create an ideal environment within a sacred, legal, and secure space, ensuring the utmost safety and spiritual growth for all participants.



During the upcoming sixteen weeks, your focus will be on incorporating the valuable insights gained from your retreat into your everyday existence. This comprehensive program encompasses personalized one-on-one and group integration sessions, peer-to-peer accountability exercises, brief daily practices, and evidence-based techniques designed to support your journey towards achieving a sense of completeness and unity.


Join Us

A Sacred Place With In America Where You Can Begin To Heal.  

Heroes Behind the Heroes: Our Dedicated Team Supporting Your Journey.

Why The Illuminating Heroes Sanctuary

Blending Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

At The Illuminating Co., we proudly support the unique needs of veterans and first responders through our dedicated branch, The Illuminating Heroes Sanctuary. We fuse holistic practices from The Illuminating Sanctuary with tailored support designed specifically for those who serve and protect us. By integrating age-old wisdom with contemporary therapies, we create effective healing pathways that foster not just recovery but profound enlightenment. Our commitment to innovation and the satisfaction of our clients ensures a nurturing journey towards resilience and enhanced emotional health. Trust our expert guidance to lead you towards a life that is not only brighter but deeply interconnected.

  • Unmatched Expertise

    • Our team comprises world-renowned scientists, experienced therapists, and visionary leaders dedicated to advancing mental health and personal development.

    • Continuous professional development ensures our methods remain at the cutting edge of scientific and therapeutic innovations.


    Holistic and Innovative Approaches

    • We offer a unique blend of traditional plant-based therapies and modern psychedelic modalities, tailored to meet individual needs.

    • Our comprehensive approach addresses mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

  • Personalized Pathways

    • Each client receives a customized wellness plan designed to meet their specific challenges and goals.

    • Our detailed pre-assessment process ensures that all treatments and therapies are appropriate and effective for you.


    State-of-the-Art Facilities

    • Access to both digital and physical realms of therapy, providing flexibility and convenience.

    • Safe, controlled, and beautifully designed environments enhance your experience and outcomes.

  • Client-Centric Services

    • We pride ourselves on our client-first approach, ensuring that your journey is supportive, enlightening, and transformative.

    • Regular feedback loops and client engagement strategies to continuously improve and personalize your experience.


    Ethical and Sustainable Practices

    • A strong ethical foundation governs all our operations, from client interactions to our environmental impact.

    • Commitment to sustainability and community involvement enriches our services and supports broader societal well-being.

  • Evidence-Based Therapies

    • All our modalities are supported by the latest research and have been validated through rigorous scientific scrutiny.

    • We lead with a science-backed approach that is open, transparent, and results-oriented.


    Building Resilience and Enlightenment

    • Our goal is not just to treat you but to empower you to achieve greater resilience and personal growth.

    • Through our services, we aim to illuminate paths that lead not only to recovery but to a profound discovery of self.

Our Commitment to Safety

Ensuring Your Wellbeing Every Step of the Way..

  • Science-Backed Approaches

    • All therapies and programs are rigorously tested and researched to establish their safety and effectiveness.

    • We continually monitor scientific developments to refine and update our practices.


    Expert Care

    • Our team consists of certified and experienced professionals who are leaders in their respective fields.

    • Continuous training and professional development ensure our staff remains at the forefront of the wellness and therapeutic communities.

  • Pre-Screening Processes

    • Comprehensive assessment of all clients to tailor experiences that meet their specific needs and conditions.

    • Ensuring suitability for our programs through detailed medical and psychological evaluations.


    Controlled Environment

    • All sessions are conducted in controlled, secure environments designed to provide comfort and safety.

    • Regular audits and inspections of our facilities to guarantee that they meet rigorous safety standards.

  • Immediate Response Protocols

    • Established procedures for immediate response to any adverse reactions or emergencies.

    • Staff trained in first aid and emergency response, ensuring quick and effective action when needed.


    Support and Monitoring

    • Continuous monitoring of clients during sessions to quickly address any concerns.

    • Post-session follow-ups to assess after-effects and provide additional support if necessary.

  • Informed Participation

    • Detailed explanation of all procedures, potential risks, and safety measures before beginning any therapy.

    • Ensuring that clients fully understand the nature and scope of the treatments they will receive.


    Open Communication

    • Encouraging clients to voice any concerns or questions they may have about safety or their experiences.

    • Providing accessible points of contact for ongoing support and information.

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